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Centre for Actuarial Liability Management

We focus on conducting research in strategic sectors of the economy and making policy oriented recommendations that forms the basis for policy interventions to deal with the challenges.

Centre for Actuarial Liability Management (CALM)

Centre for Actuarial Liability Management (CALM) Ghana Limited is a management consultancy firm registered under the company’s Act of Ghana to provide financial and actuarial managerial services to companies in Ghana. CALM Ghana is strategically positioned to eliminate actuarial liabilities of financial institutions through thorough research to ensure financial stability in the country. CALM Ghana has team of experience research analyst and seasoned consultants conducting research across various sectors of the economy including: financial, insurance, telecommunication, educational, industrial sector among others. Our team of experience and professional analyst and consultancy have develop the right attitude and structures build on integrity and trust for our stakeholders.



Our Vision

To become the centre of excellence for actuarial liability management, research, training and capacity building in Ghana and beyond. We aim to achieve this through dedicated, qualified and well trained staff.

Our Mission

To continuously engage and equip professionals with the requisite tools and techniques to understand, appreciate as well as manage the actuarial liabilities of financial institutions in Ghana and beyond.

Our Values

  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Results

Our Publications

The Economy of Ghana in Perspectives

Globally, growth in 2018 was generally stagnant across the world and West Africa sub-region is no exception.

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Ghana’s Financial Sector

After the Economic Recovery Program (ERP) and the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) in the 1980s the central bank

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